If you were watching Celtic win in Norway tonight on BT Sport you will have no doubt seen the channel switch straight back to Ibrox for our friends over in Govan’s European match.

The Ibrox side welcoming Villareal to the fold as they enjoy their first ever jaunt into Europe.

However, many of us were left perplexed by the TIFO which was displayed before the game.

The full stand display was blue, silver and red and we couldn’t quite make out what it was.

Lucky an eagle-eyed Celtic fan was on hand to clear everything up!

That’s some commitment to super noodles to be fair!

Celtic flew the flag for Scotland away in Europe tonight. Brendan Rodgers did say before the game tonight he hoped both clubs can help raise the profile of Scottish football with victories.

Maybe the Ibrox fans homage to the tasty noodle snack will inspire them to victory.



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