WEST BROM midfielder and Derry man James McClean was on form today as FIFA 16 was rolled out to the masses.

The self admitted Celtic fan James took to twitter to thank EA for his copy of the latest FIFA game in the franchise and soon after he was tweeting again. Here’s what he had to say


He was of course referring to the fact that Rangers haven’t made it into this years game.

Rangers International who were created back in 2012 have been in the game from their inception in the ‘Rest of the World’ category as FIFA does not facilitate the Scottish Lower leagues in their games. This year however due to unknown circumstances they will not be a playable team in the game, leaving many irate Gers fans starting petitions and calling for boycotts of the popular video game.

We think James already knew this to be the case but couldn’t help himself with this little wind up. It’s all in good fun.



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