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ONE LUCKY CELTIC FAN has bagged £500 after The Rangers were sent crashing out of the Europa League at the first hurdle.

I don’t think many gave Progres a chance of scoring against the Ibrox side tonight and obviously neither did Betfred who gave Stephen from Glasgow a whopping 500/1 for this belter of a scorecast.

Stephen thought it was worth a quid and now he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Maybe he’ll show some mercy and donate the money to the Ibrox side who were banking on a decent run in Europe this season to pay for their transfer spending spree. Every little helps!


  1. Do you think halliday ohalleron mackay and all the rest of the 06.00 mob are laughing there heads off listening to there lamedog Manager explain this the 5th best manager in Quatar manages the 3rd best team in Scotland to defeat by the 4th best team in Luxemburg good luck with that Pedro maybe blame it on the fact ra peepel wont let you cross yourself b4 a Game HH

  2. when are you going to get rid of that Malmo report etc from 2015 at the side of your page… does my nut in

  3. That comedy club really knows how to keep us laughing. I invested in a small wager myself £5.40 at 9/1 to return £54
    The price of a new celtic top £53
    I get a hoops top and a whole pound to myself. Cheers pedro, everytime I put it on I’ll have a laugh on you. Hail Hail

  4. This is going to get a lot worst for the govan club & most of Glasgow & the world over can,t stop laughing

  5. Neiderkorn 2 Non GreenZzzz 0……After Pedro Mourinho bringing in all those Globe Trotting Super DudZzzzz,They,ve Done the Wullie BoyZzzz Proud…..HWG10IAR

  6. Oh My Oh My………Did The Sevconian Accord Walk Away Last Night…..Laughed At Throughout EUROPE!!!!!!Always Cheating Never Embarrassed….Loyal To Who???Deluded Shower A Keek..H fcking H.

  7. We had better watch out they are obviously concentrating on the league.
    King wins again no win bonus being paid out this week.

  8. Sevco yous never fail to amuse. Lmfao.
    How yous gonnae pay for all your new singing now. Oh naw maybe liquidation again. Yous are pish. Hail Hail ?


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