Celtic fans have mobilised over the past 6 weeks in an attempt to get the custodians of Celtic to do the right thing and rescind any offer of employment to Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins.

The rumoured start date for Higgins at Celtic is January, and fans have made it abundantly clear they don’t want this guy near Celtic and certainly not drawing a wage from the club.

If you want an idea of the damage Bernard has helped inflict on your fellow supporters, we would strongly urge you to listen to this Four Tims and a Podcast session.

The misery Higgins has helped generate while at the helm of the offensive behaviour act and attempting to criminalise normal football fans can not be rewarded with a job at our club.

Today the Higgins protest went global. Fack the Bill posting images from across the world, including New York City of ‘Bernard Higgins Out’ banners. From Dublin to Dubai, the message is clear, keep Higgins out of our club.



Send this ready made email to our acting chief executive Michael Nicholson.

Nicholson Letter.

Sign and send it to : mnicholson@celticfc.co.uk

You can also join fans on Thursday by bringing your own Higgins out banner to the stadium to show your support.

See banner below.


Our opinions should matter, and while many of you might not be directly affected by the actions of Higgins and his cronies, it makes it no less palatable that our club want to employ him.

Help stand up for your fellow fans and send a message to the custodians of OUR football club.

We as a site have officially pledged our support to the protest and firmly stand behind the measures taken to this point.


  1. Get a grip Celtic. The board MUST recognise that any appointment of this person, will lead to massive problems for the club. We DO NOT want him, working for CELTIC. Let him get a job down Govan way. WE DO NOT WANT HIM at Celtic.
    You are trying to rebuild the club after the 10IAR debacle. Why take on someone the fans don’t want anywhere near Celtic Park.

  2. That this is even still a topic of discussion is a disgrace. Are there no other candidates available? Is it the board being intransigent or is it Desmond yet again throwing a tantrum because we’re publicly disagreeing with the club?
    Regardless, it’s frankly pathetic that the club haven’t appointed someone else. They must be hoping that eventually all this will die down and they can quietly wheel him in but this global display today, surely, will have given them all pause?
    Board: we already loathe you, don’t make us chase you out of town with pitchforks…

    • I would hope social distancing would be in effect along with mask wearing and stoppages at 10 minute intervals where an abundance of communal hand wringing could be carried out if people were going to decide to dust down the pitchforks and do some ”Out of town chasing of undesirables”

      One can never be too careful with the scarients that are omnipotent. South African Scarients or if your rather Dark Continent Scarients (or is that possibly racist? It’s difficult to keep up, it’s probably not #woke)


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