A Celtic fan from down under was reduced to tears by Celtic assistant manager John Kennedy after the coach sent a signed Celtic top to Thomas.

Die-hard Hoops fan Thomas, who John mentioned in the note was ‘going through a tough time’ couldn’t hide his emotions as the letter was read out to him.

He is a big Celtic shirt collector and had 57 to his name before he got this special package from John. The video could bring a tear to the eye of any Celtic fan – it’s very moving.

John Kennedy is currently the assistant coach at Celtic after stepping up to the plate when Brendan Rodgers and Chris Davies walked out on the club.

The former player has been at the club since he was a young lad and knows very well about the ethos of Celtic. To take the time to get this sent out and write a personal note to Thomas is great to see.

Hail Hail Thomas.



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