Celtic fans are waking up to some shell shocking news this morning, Brendan Rodgers talks with Leicester City. Neil Lennon will become Celtic manager at least until the end of the season.

Maybe the timing is what is hurting Celtic fans the most; the timing is quite bizarre. Shock quickly turns to anger and a large number of Celtic fans are directing that anger at one person, Peter Lawwell.

There were snippets at the end of the summer transfer window that Brendan Rodgers was not too happy with how summer signings we’re conducted. The season started and everyone looked to of moved on. But there were still some people in the media claiming all was not well between Rodgers and Lawwell.

This mornings news has only heightened speculation, with some Celtic fans in no doubt why Rodgers is leaving with still two trophies left to win in the next three months.

There is a ton of posts all over social media with Celtic fans venting their frustrations at one man. Rodgers is too classy to wash dirty laundry in public; he will leave thanking everyone for their support.


  1. Very disappointing from Rodgers leaving at this stage of the season surely he could have seen the season out no matter how bad his relationship with Lawell was. To go to a team like Leicester no offence but seems like his driving ambition is monetary that says it all, Time might be a healer but it will be a long time before I forgive this of him
    Stevie Clarke for me as much as I love Lennon too much baggage and hassle

  2. Rodgers can take his “thanks for everyone’s support” and shove it up his arse!! No matter who is to blame for what happened in transfer windows and I believe Lawwell is to blame. This is about making History with Celtic FC this could easily have waited Til the end of season. Rodgers made out how much a dream it was to manage OUR club yet he walks away with about a dozen games left to do a treble treble and 8 in a row and forever live in celtics history. Don’t give me the pish money talks the man is worth a fortune and was being paid about 40k a week + bonuses. He has now put a treble and winning 8 in jeopardy. Big/huge celtic fan……….F*CK RIGHT OFF!!!! This could have waited no doubt. Lawwell who he obviously spat the dummy out with is only a bean counter NOT Celtic FC. Never thought I would say or think this BUT FUCK RODGERS!!!!

  3. Why blame Peter Oswell for this!! He didn’t walk when the going got tough.Rodgers did !!!! Okay we didn’t get some players we wanted but we can’t compete with the money in England. But to bring back I zaguirre as a stand in for KT and see his performance in Europe was nothing to do with lOwell.it was precious Rogers decision to do that and not only his first bizarre set up.Good riddance. My monies on Martinez.

  4. Dodgy refs and FA. shameless media. No backing from the board. Sectarianism. Lawlessness on the field. This league is a disgrace and we have no right to keep a manager as high a calibre as Rogers up here. Pearls and swine..

  5. Terrible decision from Brendan! Why leave withe league not yet won, no matter what his relationship with the board is to leave like this is fuckin terrible and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.


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