Some sayings/proverbs will stand the test of time. “Ask a stupid question…” springs to mind for this daft question thrown out by a desperate Gers fan who has just realised that Jermaine Defore isn’t 29 years of age.

“Does Defoe offer anything Kris Boyd wouldn’t?”

My initial instinct is to big up Defoe. But let’s just say Kris Boyd once got compared with Henrik Larsson by the same deluded fans. Brendan Rodgers had to try and encourage Kris Boyd to try and get into the Kilmarnock team earlier on in the season. Rodgers was responding to Boyd’s comments on a split in the Celtic dressing room. He couldn’t even get that right.

Boyd could line out against Celtic today at Rugby Park and he would like nothing better than put a dint in Celtic’s drive for eight in a row. If he is down for breakfast and has time to read these tweets that answer a very enlightened question, we do hope it doesn’t affect his performance.


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