It is probably well established already that Steven Gerrard has no class when it comes to respecting other clubs in the SPFL. He has treated other teams in Scotland with arrogance and a superiority complex that he has not earned with trophies or results as a manager.

At the final whistle on Sunday he couldn’t even look Neil Lennon in the eye. Now the Celtic manager has said he didn’t even have the decency to come into the dressing room afterwards. Celtic fans view on this will only fall on one side for obvious reasons. But as one fan said, even Walter Smith went to the office after a derby.

Of all the Ibrox managers that have fallen on the Celtic sword in the last few seasons, Gerrard might feel the pain more than most. Why? Because he might actually believe what he says. There is no doubt he had a remarkable playing career but that counts for nothing in management. Is Gerrard shown the world his true self or is he just playing up to what he thinks his own fans want?



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