Scottish Police Federation chairman David Hamilton has branded the Celtic supports protests over Bernard Higgins potentially joining the club as ‘pathetic’ and ‘bonkers’ after the weekend.

Celtic have yet to confirm or deny if Higgins will be handed a top ranking security role within the club but the fans are making their feelings clear on the matter.

Higgins was one of the main figures of the offensive behaviour act and its implementation. Fans suffered outrageous and unjust harassment at the hands of Police Scotland during the ill-fated legislation.

Hamilton’s defence of his pal ‘Bernie’ is he was just implanting the law and doing his job. Branding supporters pathetic for protesting the police chief.

“This is just pathetic.” Hamilton told SunSport.

“Bernie Higgins — like every other police officer — has a legal responsibility to enforce laws created by our Parliaments.

“To personify unliked legislation (ironically designed to tackle hatred in football) in any officer is bonkers.”

Celtic groups have made their feelings clear through banners and the rather bizarre tennis ball stoppage at Dundee on Sunday.

If you want to learn more about why Celtic fans are protesting this appointment, you can listen to the latest North Curve Podcast.

It’s clear something has to give on this issue and Higgins having pals coming out in the media to have a go at the Celtic support certainly won’t help things.


  1. Tosh utter Tosh from Hamilton. The only David Hamilton I know was Diddy David Hamilton, the DJ on the radio. Now we have two Diddy David Hamilton.

    This guy is doing his pension and we are paying for this clown. Away down Ipox way and spout your rubbish. Higgins is the wrong man for the job and you Hamilton are another that wants his erse kicked into touch.

  2. Who cares. So he’s retiring from pigs. He can get a job as a security guard. But not with Celtic
    Ok he can emigrate or move to Garngad. Doesn’t need the money. His pension should keep him warm and fed.
    Unlike most non Season card Celtic supporters. And some season card holders. Meh


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