CELTIC FANS have been put on a poll as the second worst club in the UK for fans taking drugs at games.

The unscientific poll that has no basis in reality have been happily posted on SunSport’s website without any sort of questioning into what went on behind the poll and if it was opened to abuse.

It states the poll was conducted by two sites; sports tipsters Free Super Tips and The Fan Survey. This is the sort of slander you can get away with in today’s UK media.

Crystal Palace fans will be wondering what they did to deserve this kind of reputation as well with the newspaper leading with the headline ‘Crystal Meth’.

Celtic fans have already been attacked in the last few weeks with them topping a league table entitled ‘the league of shame’ – for what you ask? Bringing pyro into a football game.

Shocking stuff as usual. If anyone would like to let their feelings known to the publication please use the email below.



  1. Been to many Millwall games and it is utterly rampant, It actually seems to be part of the matchday experience. Once saw two guys doing so at a pub on Gallowgate, no idea if they were at a game. Not saying it doesn’t happen but the table above makes no sense to me at least


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