An online campaign has started to stop Celtic fans being exploited by other football sides in such a blatant manner. After it was stated that Kilmarnock would charge equal prices with both their home and away supporters this would not be extended to Celtic fans visiting rugby Park.

Here is the full statement for Kilmarnock along with the boycott campaign message:

Kilmarnock drop away prices for everyone but Celtic.

After meeting with supporters, Kilmarnock FC have decided to charge equal prices for both home and away supporters at Rugby Park. Both sets of fans will now pay £20 an adult, or £15 for students, OAP’s and under-21’s.

Unfortunately for Celtic fans, this change will not apply to them, nor for play-off or Scottish Cup matches.

The new implementation seems to follow on from the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign, across England this month, however it is still unclear why Celtic fans will have to pay more for their tickets.

A statement on the clubs website read: “The Board of Directors hope that by taking fans feedback on board and making changes to the club’s pricing and ticketing policies supporters will feel reassured that their feedback has been listened to and furthermore that the club are endeavouring to address declining attendances.”

The facebook campaign to boycott the ground can be found here.

Are you for or against this action?

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