Social media is a wonderful thing.

Last night at Ibrox, the fans that frequent the place got a glimpse at the awe inspiring banner that a Gers fan group went to immense trouble to make and well we think it looks fresh! Aqua fresh in-fact.

Celtic fans saw the image pop up last night and well they can’t quite believe what they’re seeing.

Between us, we think it perfectly sums up the club. Good job guys!



  1. The Vilest Most Corrupt Football Club in Scottish Footballing History.Both Clubs that have played out of the Crumble Dome are Liars Cheats Tax Dodging Criminals.Its funny how All the directors from Oldco are Now at this New Club.And been past as Fit and Proper.By there Masonic Cronies at HunDen.Scottish FA are a Disgraceful bunch of Corrupt Arseholes just like the Sevconian Boardroom.

    • No surprise there. The Masons look after their own and they do not want their so called club TO DIE for a second time but its in its Death Throws yet again.
      The SFÁ or whatever they call themselves NOW are in my HUMBLE opinion…. Chancers. and Porky
      Pie and all around Shite talkers and Spoofers. How any Football Association can pile such a Fixture List on its Champion side when they are trying to bring Honour to the Country and Football Association and League is nothing short of lunacy and a National disgrace.
      This cold only happen where Bigots like the orange order flourishes.

  2. Doesn’t come as a surprise. Shit team, shit fans and shit tifos. Just an all round shit club and Tax dodging scumbags aswell ???


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