CELTIC FANS were in great spirits as always on Tuesday evening as they travelled in their numbers to support Celtic all the way in Bosnia.

The lyrics go ‘Jonny Hayes! uhuh, running down the wing, uhuh, hear the Celtic sing, all the way to Istanbul.’

For those of you unaware at this point, this year’s Champions League final will be in Istanbul.

Celtic are on course for the second round of qualifiers after their win against Sarajevo. Jonny Hayes did see some game time after Boli Mbombo succumbed to an injury second half which he sustained in the first 45.

The return leg is next Wednesday with Neil Lennon likely to play a strong side but maybe chop and change a few from Tuesday’s game.

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this Jonny Hayes chant, it should subside after we win the Champions League in May though. I suppose we can tolerate it until then!


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