CELTIC FANS had a great time at Pittodrie today as the team ran riot in the second half to win 3-0 on the day. With the game in the bag for most of the second half, the Celtic fans went through the whole songbook and even sung about Henrik Larsson and Jimmy Johnstone.

Their chant on the 82nd minute was very amusing with the bhoys debuting a cracking song for Liverpool legend Stevie Gerrard who still hasn’t won a league as player or manager.

The song goes ‘Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league’

After all the bravado and the talk of 55, there was no real title race again. When they beat Celtic at Ibrox they had their tails up and went out and signed two overhyped has-beens and they were already celebrating winning the league.

Unfortunately for them – Celtic haven’t lost a game since their defeat at Ibrox and even though their double treble-winning manager left them in shock circumstances, they continued towards the title.

Celtic, unlike someone, didn’t slip at the vital moment.


  1. Aberdeen fans should have gone with their wifies to Union Street to shop, instead of going to pittodrie. All they do is scream abuse, boo Broony, and squeal for a foul whenever their players are tackled. I have never seen such a disjointed shower wearing a football strip. Cosgrove, spent more time on the ground, crying for a foul. Bear in mind he’s a big lad, yet he goes down SO easily. Ball is a real saddo. Canny tackle except when he puts people in hospital, i.e. Christie. Ferguson is just woeful, thinks he the bees knees, he’s more like the doggies doodahs! The only player worth a mention is their Goalie. The rest are a very poor PUB TEAM.


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