CELTIC FANS unveiled a banner at Parkhead yesterday in response to the Police Scotland report which called for new measures putting innocent fans in the firing line while not looking at themselves.

There is a real war going on between fans and police with the authorities treating anyone with a football scarf as fair game or someone who should be treated with disdain.

FACK THE BILL was born out of necessity when an overreaction to a football match put fans in the firing line, giving cops more powers to arrest innocent fans.

Many fans who had been arrested under the failed offensive behaviour act were let go as soon as they were put in front of a judge. Dawn raids on people’s houses and months and years of worry and being harassed at a football game.

There has been a speight of shocking incidents as of late with the moronic element of a lot of fan bases throwing objects at players and a Hibs fan even got onto the pitch to confront James Tavernier on Friday night. Something has to be done about these idiots, but the banner displayed by the Celtic fans is correct in many ways.

Scum out of Football, Corrupt Cops, Puppet Politicians, Manipulating Media.



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