I happened upon a tweet tonight that was so bizarre it stopped me in my tracks.

We all have our moans, gripes and moments of frustration and unfortunately, social media is there to capture all of it if you feel compelled to tell people what you’re thinking as you’re thinking it, rather than digest your thoughts before you spill your guts.

I’m guilty of this as much as the next guy but tonight this tweet genuinely made me stop and shudder.

The tweeter gives his summary of what he thinks is happening at Celtic and thinks it may be best for Brendan Rodgers to walk.

Let that sink in, the man who has won every domestic competition he’s entered so far, qualified twice for the Champions League and got Celtic to into Europe beyond Christmas should walk because he’s been unable to strengthen the squad as of yet.

It’s utter madness!

There are two camps in this debate, the people who are happy clapping Brendan Rodgers and not questioning anything and the doom and gloomers who think it’s all dark clouds and drizzle hanging over Celtic Park. Funnily enough, I’ve had abuse from both those sides on separate occasions for both backing the manager and criticising him.

Unfortunately, in football, there are not many binary topics, everything is open to interpretation. To a certain extent, that may come off as hypocritical as i dissect this lads opinion but if you genuinely believe the Celtic manager should leave then I’m afraid you don’t deserve nice things!

It’s the same with the fans absolutely slating Moussa Dembele because he might be leaving soon, when in fact the only people who have spoken about him leaving is the Celtic manager and his assistant.

Rodgers must be wondering what exactly is going on, to have only lost one domestic game in his time here, landed four trophies with the promise of more on the way and there are people in our support so negative they don’t mind the idea of him moving on.

Some Celtic fans really don’t deserve nice things!



  1. Some fans are so unbelievably fickle, wanting Lustig sold after a poor game last night against the harry rags ? Yes he’s not been at his best , but sell him ? Get a bloody grip you muppets

  2. Must be the young supporters who think that.
    Obviously weren’t around during the bad days of the nineties, why would we want Brendan to walk away, best manager for many a year.
    Keep off the Buckie and enjoy it whlist we are winning, you’ll be even more pissed off when we’re not.

    • Totally agree One trophy already. 11 points clear of second place with 15 games to go. Favourites for the Scottish cup and the treble which is no mean feat. In Europe after Xmas and a good chance to go further and as you say the best manager in Scotland yet some are not happy FGS.

  3. To many glory hunters these days,get rid of Brendan and replace him with who,The man took the job knowing there where funds but they where limited and has done a remarkable job,he,s building a squad that can look after itself but he can only bring in two or three good players a window,the rest are projects that hopefully make the grade, I for one am totally enthralled with what he has done and i hope he is here for a few more years to carry on doing it…….Hail Hail

  4. In Brendan we trust. What has been achieved is unquestionably unbelievable. I would rather a couple of great additions than overhaul a squad. The padowans want too much. Let yoda do as he must. HH

  5. These idiots didn’t live thru “The Cheating Years”..These are people who are now on There 2nd year owning a Season Ticket..Were trying to get a squad together so we can go for 10 in a Row..These Clowns Don’t no what a bad Team is..If you don’t like what you see give your S/Ticket Away to someone who wants to support the club the way it should be supported..THRU AND THRU..

  6. Agree with all the comments, we need strengthening we know that but as of tonight we’re now 11 points clear, 4 trophies in a row, still in Europe only 1 domestic defeat in 19 months. The critics logic is disturbing and some of the stick is so over the top as u all say most obviously can’t or chose not to remember 1989 to 1995 and the Mowbray disaster.

  7. Yes we do need to buy few additions to squad but on lustig its not one poor game he has been a weakness in our team for a few years always seems to give winger to much room and gets caught ball watching on cross balls and before anybody starts going on I’ve been following Celtic hone/away and in Europe for 63 yes and have had a season ticket since the 70s so have been through good times and bad

  8. Some must not have been here in the nineties. Some want to put the Buckie down for a minute. It doesn’t get any better than these days . We have a manager who is one of us. He knows what it means , he knows what we are about and he knows our budget. Personally I want him here for 10 in a row, but hell you have to have highs and lows along the way. Titles aren’t given they have to be earned.

  9. Brendan is a fan and a manager. Let’s gets behind the team and give them our full support. Regarding Mika – remember the beachball moment! Fell off my seat at that. Don’t rise to the made up stories in the press. Remember the time they tried to unsettle Jamesie Forrest, look at him now. Playing out of his skin. I believe in the long game nothing happens overnight. Players have to rotate. We have two hard games coming up. I’m sure the Bhoys understand the magnitude of what lies ahead. We don’t need deadwood or benchwarmers brought in. Flair players won’t be available until the last few days. It’s a poker game. KTF HH

  10. No Matter What happens at Celtic.I could never Ever stop supporting The Bhoys.As much as we need to get players in,Thats no reason to suggest Getting rid of BR.We are Top of the League,And 10 In A Row isnt far off.

  11. After Witnessing The Cheating Years ana Dead Club Lording it over us for All this Blatant Lying Cheating Years,I’d suggest its Nigh on Time,We All Stick Together and Get Behing Our Bhoys.And Savour this fantastic Era in Our Wonderful Clubs History.We are Breaking All Our Own Records.And that In Itself Is Something to be Proud Of.Yes we need to strengthen,But Rome wasnt built in a Day.We are still Top Of Our League.When our Team is at Full Strength.No one can touch us in Scotland.So Cmon Troops,We Are Celtic,We Are Champions,We Will Not Be Stopped.HH GGAW

  12. Brendan Rodgers is for me, the new Jock Stein. He like Stein, has changed the face of Celtic, and the face of Scottish football. He has sacrificed money to do the right thing, in the right place. He is class personified. Without question, the best manager to manage in Scotland since big Jock himself.
    Yet as he raises the face of the Scottish game, still the corruption within the SFA continues. Driven by cheats and theives like Regan, Rae and Livingston, they still have the ultimate goal of continuing with the cheating and stealing from the most important people able to raise our game. The fans! They are actually trying to chase Rodgers away! The have the backing of the media who attempt to fet inside the heads of the knee-jerking insecure fans! They say unbelievable things yet some fans swallow it! We are literally miles ahead of anyone in Scotland. A difficult thing when you have zero competition! Yet Scottish media, lawmakers and SFA cheats get into the heads of Celtic fans! Watch the facts guys. We really don’t need new players, but we will get them and we will succeed. Why? Because this is what it is to be Celtic!

  13. The Only Thing Undeserving and in Need of Nothing Nice is the SFA and SPFL.Why would Any Celtic player want to play for Scotland,Knowing they are playing for the Most Corruptables and Cheats and Liars.Sevco and there Brethren over at HunDen are in Serious serious Need of Cleansing.Root out the Deid Wood.And hold the lot of These Parasites Accountable for Everything that they seem to think they have got Away With.Its disgraceful and Embarrassing knowing these Arsewipes are Running (Ruined) Scottish Football


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