STEVEN GERRARD must be feeling the heat because he has dealt with the press his entire playing career and even pitched in with some media work since then.

The scouser’s pre-match press conference was rather bizarre with the Ibrox manager unable to grasp what a metaphor was when a journalist asked him if he and his players were ‘going into the lion’s den on Sunday’. Gerrard hit back by describing what an actual lion’s den was and confirmed to the press he expected no lions to be at Celtic Park.

He then praised his fans for cheering every challenge against Celtic during the game in December which he admitted helped them get over the line. When asked if the Celtic fans will make a difference for the Celtic players, he replied: ‘I’ve never seen a fan win a game of football, they can make noise which is nice for us but that’s it.’…sorry which one is it, Stevie?

On and before you go, Celtic fans were kind enough to dig out this nice little clip.

What a balloon!



  1. Typical fuckin rangers if it dosent benifit them it cannae be what a twat and here’s me thinking he spoke quite well tae but no no been at fuckin ibrox to long got the googles on Mon the hoops hail hail


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