SCOTLAND may have fallen to a poor second half display against England but if there is one thing to take away from the under 21 clash – it’s Mikey Johnston!

The Celtic midfielder scored a spectacular solo effort in the first half which put Scotland in the lead.

Celtic fans who have seen Mikey in the developmental side will not be surprised to see the youngster scored the wonder goal but the wider fan base are wakingnupmto this bhoys talent.

Many have already started to put young Mikey in the Patrick Roberts category and with goals like his Scotland effort – it’s hard to argue.

Is this the season Mikey makes the breakthrough.


  1. Watched the game, and you seriously have to question the second half tactics. Seemed like the half time talk was “right, we’re a goa up, so everyone behind the ball” even though we’d battered the in the first half and should have been further ahead.
    Scott “my dad was good but I wasn’t” Gemmill is supposed to be in charge, but he sat quietly whilst Mackay did all the shouting.
    There was no football being played. Was long ball stuff. Not something you want kids learning.
    The scotland goalie, whoever he is, was dreadful. Was a pub level keeper.

  2. Didn’t see any other g it aside from a be goal, but Degsts take in it is a concern, not that I am a Scotland fan but it’s sad to hear that defensive and long ball football is being continued to be employed. It’s a discredited style of footballing in this day and age . Tactics are fine and a side has to be adaptable but at any level this stuff is the stuff of dinosaurs if it’s the go to strategy for a coach . Again Ian only going by Degsys take on it


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