Celtic Fans can be cynical at the best of times but this transfer window is taking their cynicism to a whole new level as they await news on new signings.

We have been reporting some time about Celtic’s interest in Scott Sinclair along with breaking the Kolo Toure story among others.

It has been a summer of high frustration when it looks like Celtic are getting closer to something they are rebuffed.

As we spoke about in a previous article, the board will be cautious about spending any sort of meaningful cash till they are perhaps a step closer to the promise land of the Champions league, which is a sensible approach but not without its flaws.

Celtic fans are feeling a little deflated about the dealings so far, after starting off the summer on such a high with Brendan Rodgers coming in. Patience has to be the key but it’s easy to see why some fans are finding it tough going.

We should trust Brendan and the bhoys to hopefully get us through to the playoff round and from there we need to strengthen with a bit of quality. With Ajer, Dembele and Toure also doing their bit for the team.

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  1. I would be delighted with Sinclair and Bamford, two players we have been linked with . They would add a real strength to the team and I think both have a bit of swagger about them.

    • The current squad will win the league, its miles better than anything else in Scotland, but we need new blood for the CL

    • Agree, would take Paterson or Gunter at RB. I think Lustig has enough pace to play CB but struggles to get up and down at RB. I would take McNair on a permanent deal. I think if we sign Bamford we could do without Sinclair. If we play 3 up front as we have attaking options Roberts could play in a front 3 and we have a million no. 10’s I would rather a box to box or holdind CM. Like an Oliver Norwood

  2. The Sinclair transfer saga has developed into an absolute farce, with the ongoing penny-pinching offers and refusals. Depending upon where you read about it we’ve now had 3-4 offers for this player knocked back, which once again reinforces Celtic’s well-earned biscuit-tin reputation. Yet it’s really simple to put an end to the nonsense just by asking and answering a few simple questions.

    1) Of all the professional players available, is Sinclair the ONLY POSSIBLE player who could do the job Celtic require?…..YES/NO?

    2) If the highly unlikely answer to 1) is YES, then what is the absolute maximum amount we can afford, and would be willing to pay for him? Bid this amount and if it’s deemed insufficient, stop pussyfooting around and move on to find someone else who can do the job.

    3) If the answer to 1) is NO, then move on to another target.

    It’s not rocket science. If we REALLY, REALLY need him, then offer the absolute highest bid we can. If it’s rejected, then we quite simply can’t afford him — so we move on to someone we can afford.


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