CELTIC FANS have found very little sympathy this evening when a certain Oldco Ibrox player announced he had suffered a massive injury.

Vladimir Weiss used his social media to break the bad news to his followers about his torn ACL.

Weiss used his social media often to try and wind up Celtic fans whenever there’s an opportunity. Funnily enough, the former Man City man never does it after a Celtic vs Newco game.

For what it’s worth we at CeltsAreHere wish him a speedy recovery. We feel his pain, he’s got more time to watch Newco games now.


  1. I don’t care what anybody says, but him he is somebody that you don’t want to be associated with wee arsehole ??????????????????

  2. Wonder if he tripped over his big mouth. Never no good as a footballer only thing the huns liked him for was shit stirring and he’s pish at that to. GIRFUY

  3. Found this on sevco site ,Ibrox club Glasgow Rangers have been linked with Aitor Karanka, and appointing him as the Gers manager would overshadow Brendan Rodgers’s arrival at Celtic in 2016…………. . . What is their obbsession with Celtic? I hope it continues it Will kill them off once and for all trying to keep up with Celtic, unless they accept they are an irrelevant and a mediocre team who will not challenge Celtic untill their house is in order when Mr Yellow comes in with the promise of millions or did he say minions

  4. Just need to say Weiss is An Irrelevant Little Orc and as for Real Sevcolona getting this Karanka and it being bigger Headlines than Brendan Rodgers to The Mighty Celtic.This Absurdity that is Sevco are Utterly Obsessed with Anything and Everything Celtic.Just because they mention there Rancid New Club in the Same sentence as Glasgow Celtic,That doesnt mean they are somehow Connected in Anyway to the Finest Club in these Lands.Oldco Perished chasing a Delusional Dream of Overtaking Us,Look how that Endeid Yer Old Club.Now this Unhealthy Obsession with Celtic is Going to be the Ending of Real Sevcolona.Trying to keep up with Us Will Kill The Scum Off.Watch This Space……

  5. Why does this guy get an article written on him? He played for old Rangers for about 6 months and desperately curried favour with their supporters. He is a wind-up merchant. He effectively retired from competitive football at about 23! He chose to go to the Arab Leagues which are a retirement home for people who have had a career and for greedy pigs like Weiss who obviously believes he would struggle in a real football environment. In short even he knows he is rubbish, why would we care what he does or what he says.

  6. He’d probably still walk straight into ther 1st team at the moment maybe thy cld get him on loan i hope u gt better soonish 6 or 7 years maybe KARMA has all ur addresses vlad


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