CELTIC FANS have gone viral again with one of their chants after it caught the eye of Liverpool fans.

The Celtic fanbase who were praised last season for turning the logical song into an ode to Scott Sinclair have again been giving kudos by their English counterparts for their homage to Stuart Armstrong.

If you’re a Celtic fan that attends most games, you will have heard the chant already, but it was this video of the Celtic Fans chanting in Anderlecht that caught the eye of fans down south.

Shared by a Liverpool account, you will be confident that it’s only a matter of time before the words are changed and the chant makes its way onto English terraces.


  1. roaming in the glomin with Brendan Rogers men roaming in the glomin and were going for number 10 and when the league it stops u know that we will be top oh it’s glorious to follow Glasgow Celtic


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