CELTIC FANS weren’t in the best of moods yesterday as the rug was pulled under them in the most stunning and swift of circumstances.

The Celtic support woke up to the news on Tuesday morning that Brendan Rodgers was almost out the door at Celtic Park with not so much as a goodbye.

The Irishman used the backdoor on his way out and that should give you plenty of indication how he even feels about the business he’s just done.

As Celtic fans tried to wrap their head around everything that just transpired, there was some light comedy relief towards the end of the night. Brendan Rodgers was in the stands to watch Leicester beat Brighton 2-1 at the King Power Stadium and a photographer managed to get a good picture of his welcoming committee.

An A4 sheet of paper with ‘top six is a must’ As someone wrote on social media last night.

Brendan Rodgers is here for tenth or below.


  1. Neil Lennon said I’ll Lean On John A Lot,do it your way first get all the dead wood out bring in some new players that you want and keep the ones that you want and let us go and get 8 over the line and then the next two season lets bring home 10 do this Celtic we know what we need to do lets do this Celtic it starts tonight do it..


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