Some Scottish Press will have egg firmly on their face tonight as Aston Villa appoint Dean Smith and John Terry as their new management team.

Since Steve Bruce’s sacking last week there has been no end to the mindless speculation about the Celtic manager’s future and how Aston Villa were ‘ready to swoop’.

Celtic fans have been saying since the rumours started that there is no way Brendan Rodgers will leave Celtic less than half way through the season and more importantly to the ‘project’ at Villa.

The Celtic manager has reitareated time and time again his love for the Celtic job and how he is enjoying the challenge of this season.

This hasn’t been enough for the vultures in Scottish football who tried their best to unsettle an out of form Celtic.

The bhoys blasted back to form against St Johnstone at the weekend and looked to be getting back to their best.

Of course the spin will be that he was never offered the job when fours days ago they were telling us different.

Oh well, onto the next club who sack their manager down south lads.


  1. The scottish press are bluenoses who wanted Brendan Rodgers out of Celtic, well hahaha. Hail hail the CELTIC and Brendan Rodgers, here we go 8, 9, and 10 in a row.

  2. Big fatty Boydy will be seething. I believe the boy Gerrard are seeing Sevco for what they are worth. So come January he could be lookingfor some job security. That will be best served away from the crumbledome. Somewhere in England, wher there is a real future.

  3. This could all work in Celtics favour… the team as I see it will react positively to this news and, as with last
    week, we will see the real Celtic firing on all cylinders for the rest of the season

  4. Look they want Brendan Rodgers gone but its not going happen the media and some silly people posting in the news papers are all wanting us beat week in week out there Fav team has spent there millions and if they can not stop us getting 8 this season then they are never going stop 10 etc this is there fav teams last chance there will be no more new team they will have to keep what they have and in January when Brendan Rodgers is giving £20 or 25 million for four new faces and turns the screw so tight they will wish they never rushed in this season with there pocket money,bring in four new players and get eight dead wood players out and lets show them all what we intend…………

  5. The witchhunt from the Scottish media in their attempts to force Brendan Rodgers out of Paradise in unprecedented and actually quite embarrassing for them.


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