Celtic fans are always good for a wind up. The bhoys sense of humour got us through a pretty dismal season last season and this term it’s just adding to the fun.

Since the Glasgow Derby at the beginning of April where Celtic beat Giovanni van Bronkhorst’s side 2-1 many Hoops supporters have a new nickname for their rivals – Old Firm FC.

The Ibrox club marketing campaign was ridiculously overt on the day with their branding of the ‘old firm’. They had signs beaming around the stadium saying ‘this is the old firm’ they had old firm on the match day programme front cover, an arch way with old firm as the players walked out and they even handed old firm flags to their supporters at the fan zone.

Soccer Football – Scottish Premiership – Celtic v St Johnstone – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – April 9, 2022 Celtic players celebrate with fans after the match REUTERS/Ed Sykes

It was a misguided attempt to try and wind up Celtic fans who don’t call the derby the ‘old firm’ and Celtic who also don’t use the term in an official capacity.

Celtic fans don’t want to be linked with their rivals with the term ‘old firm’. However, the Ibrox club are insisting they want to be linked with Celtic with the term. This off the back of them pulling out of a tournament in Sydney because they didn’t want to play second fiddle to Celtic.

It’s pretty convoluted mind jujitsu from the club. Seeing as they’re all for the Old Firm, fans have christened them Old Firm FC and it might just stick.

Popular Celtic news aggregator Celticnewsnow.com has already got the memo.


  1. The ‘Auld Firm’ moniker died with their very own avarice.

    They are welcome to it. Pauper cun7’s.

    Like them, always hiding in Celtics shadow, just left in the past.

    Not further needed, returning to vandalism and dis-array same Auld Firm.

  2. I know a lot of supporters say the tag died with them, but as a Celtic supporter of over 50 years, I never, ever wanted Celtic tagged with that suggestion, that we are 2 sides of the same pole. We were and never will be, like them in any way.

  3. I know a lot of supporters say the tag died with them. But for me, a supporter of more than 50years, it was never that tag. We are not, never were and never will be the opposite end of the same pole as them. We are not remotely like them in any way. To start with, we play football !!!!

  4. Every time we hear the words ”Old Firm” from now on we will fall about laughing because it will remind us of the day that they took on the ‘Confirmation Name’ ”Old Firm FC” that backfired so spectacularly.
    At last Celtic are rid of that stupid association with the 10 year old club.


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