CELTIC FANS didn’t take kindly to Motherwell’s attempt at deflecting from their own shortcomings on and off the field over the past two games.

The Motherwell club accused Celtic fans of messing up the stadium as they tried to play down the number of objects thrown at the away side at Fir Park on Wednesday night.

Motherwell said they would also seek clarity from the referee’s association as to why Celtic got some decisions, while they completely ignore their player’s thuggish behaviour.

Celtic fans weren’t amused.



  1. MotherwellFGS what have they Ever done for Scottish Football.Shower of whingeing BawBag Bad Losers.Reminds me of some other Hunbelivable Teams in Our So called League

  2. Exactly I think the motherwell players and fans should stop bumping their gums I’m sick fed up of hearing them I hope cellic give them a tanking to shove doon their throats disnae matter if it was or wisnae a penalty on Sunday don’t care James forrest scored we still would have won cup and all they are a bunch of hammer throwers at tackling . Eejits that’s what they are

  3. Looking at the different angle of the penalty it’s of the stonewall variety,Motherwell are moaning gits.as for the rest of Scottish football the hysteria is off the scale this was our FIRST Penalty in the league this season

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