DAVE KING spent a lot of time at a closed door interview yesterday talking about Celtic.

The Scottish Champions seems to live rent free in his brain nowadays and it’s easy to see why.

The charlatan stumbles from one problem to the next – promising so much but offering up very little.

Celtic fans are used to this cycle now and find it amusing when they see the gullibilly’s puffing out their chest again, thinking this time is the one!

Fortunately, Celtic fans know better! And well they express their opinions very well on the subject.

BT pundit Michael Stewart even has a pop.



  1. Dave Kings High on the Fumes of his wifes Boxers.FFS the Guff that cmes out this Guys mouth is well beyond hilarious.Im surprised he hasnt been sectioned,Yet.Every 2nd word out his mouth is Celtic This Celtic That.Then there is the Rancid Hoardes implying We are Obsssed with Them.You couldnt make this up,If ye tried.This is there final throw of the Dice.Its All or Nothing for the DeLooDeid.Stevie G was an amasing footballer and done Liverpool proud,But Sevco getting him in as there manager.From the Under 18s Thinking They are Going to Win the Premier.Its time Celtic flexed its muscles and put Them out of there Miserable Existance.Pitting Stevie against Brendan is Actually Suicidal.Sevco are Stinking of Dsperation and Like ive Always Said,My Club Celtic.Are the B All and End All as far as this Sevco are Concerned.Rangers in Liwuidation Buried Themselves attempting to Better Celtic and Failed,Big Time.It Killed Them,FACT!!This Sevco are definitely going the exact same Way as there Dead Forefathers…Chasing The Mighty Celtics Shirt Tails.And knowing That Makes it Oh Sooo Much Sweeter.They are an Absolute Embarrassment to every Honest Football Club who plays by the Rules.TiocFaidh Ar La Oh Its A Grand Old Team To Play For,HfH


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