Confusion reigns on the Europa League official Twitter feed after they announced their ‘Team of the Week’ for Matchday one of the competition.

So, did a Celtic player make it into the squad?!

YES! But, you’ll never guess who. So we’ll just tell you!

MIKAEL LUSTIG…at left back.

Uhuh, we’re scratching our heads too.

On a night when there was more than a few players off the boil, it was safe to say Mikael Lustig was very much one of them.

Kieran Tierney, Scott Brown and both central defenders were perhaps Celtic’s fab four overall with a fantastic five if you include Griffiths for his late goal.

However, all these players have been overlooked and whoever selected the ‘Team of the Week’ surely couldn’t have watched any of the Celtic game.

What we think has happened is the following:

  • Europa selector has seen what teams have won.
  • Looked at a notable player from each club who fits the role.
  • Thinks Mikael Lustig is Kieran Tierney.

No disrespect to Lustig, but I think even he will be confused as to why he is getting the accolade.

It was certainly Kieran Tierney’s night.

Soooo, we’ve fixed it for them.



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