CELTIC FANS have been left high and dry by the SPFL after their latest stunt.

Having announced the two Bet Fred Cup Semi-Final games would be played on the same day at the same venue, many fans from further afield had begrudgingly made their travel arrangements and paid out money to make sure they would be there on the night.

The SPFL were unequivocal about this going ahead and thus many fans accepted the decision even if they weren’t happy about it.

Now, Police Scotland and the SPFL – the two bodies who said this could go ahead on the same day at the same venue have got cold feet.

While there will be many fans delighted about that and hopeful of a better solution – there are some who will be hit in the pocket because of the SPFL’s inability to lead.

Here’s just one of the fans voicing his displeasure at the decision.

The problem is – the SPFL came out with this solution very quickly without taking outside factors into account like transport.

The first Aberdeen train getting into Glasgow fifteen minutes into the start of the game.

While putting Celtic and Hearts on so late on a Sunday night, the prospect of extra time and penalties takes it very close to midnight.



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