CELTIC FANS don’t miss a trick and they quickly rounded in on former Ibrox player Bob Malcolm after he suggested there was a ‘leek’ in the dressing room.

Malcolm was referring to the civil unrest at Ibrox after Celtic humiliated Murty’s men on Sunday, however, we think he meant to say ‘leak’ as we’re not sure how a vegetable best used in soups has anything to do with the Ibrox circus.

You will know Bob from such capers as signing his autograph with FTP or riding on an ice cream truck.


  1. The Goofy Blue Bears are up Shite Creek in a Leaking Boat and some idiot dropped the Paddle.
    Loving it to bits. Now the only place that MIGHT ALLOW the Blue Bears through their gates is the ZOO.

  2. These Real RainJurZzz Men they appear in there Droves.They talk a Great Game,They blow there own trumpets But Putting there Hearts into wearing the Jersey with Pride.They are All Posted Missing.Sevco’s problem is They think they are a Liquidated Club.They actually Believe they have 54 Titles and Counting.Now They believe All That BS So trying to explain Anything to a Vegetated Hun is pointless.They still wont walk Away.The Brassnecking Continues..HfH


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