IT seems like an almost daily occurrence when a new Celtic player joins the injury list and piles onto our current woes.

People complain about Celtic losing yesterday, and to be clear we still had the talent to win but even the best sides in the world suffer when they have this amount of disruption to their team.

What’s more is that the disruption happened live as we played Kilmarnock, all pre-match preparation out the window when not one but two of our defenders had to be taken off.

It’s fair to say the squad haven’t been lucky and if you look at who is out at the moment it’s also fair to say that the injured XI could win the league.

Lustig,Compper,Boyata,Ajer, Ralston;
Roberts, Armstrong, Rogic, Hayes;

There’s no denying if that team started a game Celtic fans would be quite happy and confident they could get the job done.

It’s easy to have a pop and join in with the rest of the people outside Celtic that want their pound of flesh from the Champions because they have so few opportunities to do so.

However, the number of players that are currently queuing up for treatment should not be shrugged off, and when these players start filtering back, I think you’re going to see a blistering end to the campaign.


  1. Fair enough but that performance was woeful. The result was bad but the way we played was garbage. Really boring. And this has been a pattern for a while. Ball moves two sideways one back one forward two back two sideways repeat over and over and over again. On that pitch. Dreadful to watch. Excruciating. Won’t be the last time we lose this season that is guaranteed. the manager is going to have to liven things up. Don’t know why he left Eduoard out to play Musonda on that park. Could have been more direct and brought Musonda on in the second half, clearly conditions were not right for the boy to have a positive debut. I think Sinclair needs to sit the next 3 or 4 out all together. Hopefully Griffiths is back sooner rather than later as Dembele is depreciating in value every single time he plays. A t the rate he is going Morelos will be worth 5 times as much. Dembele is watching his future disappear right in front of him.

  2. Agree wi u John u got that spot on 100% wi your comments this passing back nonsense is boring it’s awrite having all the possession but u need to do something wi the baw and wi talent we have fae big teams in England we should have enough to beat all teams in Scottish league nae bother.

  3. Granted we have 11 out of action but the 11 on the park on paper are good
    enough to beat anyone in Scotland could it then be the tactics that are wrong or are we not allowed to say that because we are in first place Its not to long ago many said that about other managers Don’t worry they will come out refreshed after their winter break in the sun oooops

  4. Does anyone think we would have lost yesterday if the two central defenders had remained on the park ?.The outside left had that much room he could have fell twice and still caused us trouble and all the room he had was after the two defenders went off.The game had gone for almost an hour before I new Dembele was playing.Maybe we should have brought in another central defender as cover as most supporters were calling for.


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