CELTIC FANS are loving the new Christmas ad but the eagle-eyed members of the Celtic support have noticed something very wrong!

During the Christmas advert, the cast plays top trumps with their Celtic cards with the story of the advert being around the star of Celtic musical, Paul Samson trying to win the game for the first time at Christmas.

Low and behold Paul manages to win but look how he did it!

French Eddy has a higher rating than the king of kings Henrik Larsson!!!!

We love Edouard but whoever is making the top trumps card needs to get off the glue!

Just a minor detail in a brilliantly put together Christmas advert.

Lustig as a police officer, Tierney as Tiny Tim, Broony as Scrooge and Karamoko Dembele as a tree ornament – it’s definitely another one to remember!

Celtic have made this an annual event for fans and we can’t wait until next Christmas already!



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