OLIVIER NTCHAM signed a new deal yesterday and committed the next four years to Celtic.

The Frenchman had some suitors in the summer and Celtic were keen to tie the midfielder down on a new and improved contract so he did not go anywhere.

Celtic fans were delighted with the news but one eagle eye Celtic supporter noticed something in the background of one of Ntcham’s photos that gave way to a little speculation.

Check the shirts hanging up behind Ntcham and the comment below.

Is Celtic sending out a very subtle message to the fans that other people are about to sign new deals?

This is either proof Celtic are more clever than we give them credit for or Celtic fans have too much time on their hands.

We’d like to believe that’s what they’re doing. The Christie deal seems like a sure thing and if that came there would be no real indication they meant anything by this particular picture.

However, if Boyata signs a new deal with many expecting he wouldn’t we will be 100% buying to this subtle nod to the audience.

People are saying it’s going up in numerical order with Alan’s shirt missing because he isn’t getting a game. They’re the boring realists among us who are probably right!

But if you have a little bit of an imagination then go with the ‘conspiracy’.


  1. When big Boyata signed he was a nervous wreck and a liability.
    I bet you he is glad (inside) he didn’t go to Fulham big wages and all. They could be heading for relegation already.
    I hope he signs a one year contract to show bigger English clubs just how much he has come on leaps and bounds.
    Could be a good move Dedryk….Hail Hail.


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