A Celtic Fan’s passport has gone viral today after someone on Twitter revealed a lad called Micheal travelling over to Spain for the Valencia game has a pretty unique middle name given to him by his father.

Obviously, Kieran who posted the tweet was sceptical when Michael told him his middle name was Henrik Larsson so he brandished his passport and there it is.

There was a time when a lot of fans back in the day were putting footballers names, especially Henrik Larsson into their newborn babies names.

There was one instance of a Celtic fan naming his newborn son after the full Seville team back in the early 2000s s maybe Micheal has got away with it a bit by only having Henrik Larsson in his name.

We shared the post with our Instagram followers, and the man himself has given his approval by liking the post.

There will be a few people out there with names attributed to former Celtic players over the years. Never met anyone with a middle name like Cascarino or Scheidt yet though.

Were you named after a former Celtic player?


  1. This is Brilliant. One of Brighton and Hove Albion former coaching staff and player Charlie oatway was named after all 11 QPR players who got promoted the season of his birth. Allegedly his dad lost a bet.


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