Thursday night was the first time a decent portion of the support questions Ange’s wisdom as Celtic manager.

I feel almost obligated to caveat this article by making it clear I’m a fully paid up member of Ange Ball, and have nothing but love for our gaffer.

However, I have to call it as I see it, the manager made a massive mistake on Thursday night by introducing Kyogo in the first half when Albian Ajeti went off injured.

Some will argue it was the only logical decision, Kyogo being the lone fit striker on the bench. I would argue that logic meant it was even more pivotal to keep him there.

This isn’t hindsight speaking after we watched Kyogo limping off, holding his hamstring. There was genuine concern from the stands and from myself when Ange called Kyogo back to the bench after a short warm-up.

The game had no consequences apart from a UEFA match win bonus. There was simply no need to bring on the Japanese player.

The injury was compounded by the fact Kyogo’s replacement, Ewan Henderson, came on and scored.

Celtic won the game and put in a spirited performance, which is now being overshadowed by fans waiting to hear if we’ll be without our star striker.

The Hoops have a massive game against Motherwell on Sunday, as well as a cup final date in just over a week. Right now, as it stands, we have zero fit strikers for either game.

We have to hold our breath and hope this dead rubber hasn’t cost us big time.

We’re all behind the manager and what he’s doing, he has had be luck with injuries thus far. We need to get to the winter break unscathed and regroup.


  1. Look every game we want to show what we can do and we try and win every game listen he is the manager who us taken us from a nothing last season to where we are today he need new faces and dead wood gone before you question his moves …

  2. Kyogo has had injuries before Celtic purchased him. He had a on going injury that he came back early from just recently.

    If Kyogo, Anger or the bench though he would pull up. He would never been a substitute.

    That’s the lottery you run as a owner, manager, player or even a supporter of any sporting institution.

    Kyogo has never been the same player, since his injury with Japan.
    Maybe, he needs a bit longer on the sidelines. So he can rest and recuperate longer. But in Scottish football (Celtic in particular) players usually get plenty of time. Strange that??????

    Got to feel bad for Kyogo, his face as he got hooked was not very joyfull.

  3. We have a small squad we had to have first teamers on the bench,an unfortunate set of circumstances led to Kyogo coming in,who else could play up front,questioning Ange is garbage and cheap

  4. Of course he was going to play Furuhashi, much as though it was a “dead rubber” if Ange had put on Henderson that early there was a chance we could’ve taken a doing which would’ve hurt morale in the lead up to the cup final. I’m sure Ange would rather have not had to use Kyogo at all but for the need to make sure we gave as good an account of ourselves as possible last night to instill confidence and belief in the whole squad, which I’m sure it can be said worked beautifully, no?
    Kyogo played a season with Kobe before coming here and playing most of the 1st half of our season, he was going to end up worn out and needing rested before long. What I’m saying is this was an issue that was likely about to come upon us in some way anyway, it’s just unfortunate how it went down last night. I had hoped Kyogo would see it out ’til January but welp life’s a bee-hotch I guess. January window will be fun!

  5. You can’t blame the manager for Kyogo Injuring himself.
    Kyogo overstretched in a tackle he didn’t need to make.
    The way he plays this type of injury will happen more
    often than not, it could’ve happened on Sunday v Dundee Utd
    when he overstretched in a tackle.
    Yes it was a dead rubber but who’s to say it would not happen
    this Sunday.
    Kyogo will need to learn not to overstretch and calm himself done
    learn to pace himself in a game.

  6. a dead rubber and a glut of games in december. this made no sense to play kyogo and the subs from the bench. henderson could easily have slotted in there. ange has put us in this precarious position and the same fans who are behind him will be shouting at him if we slip further behind in december.

    but the deeper issue is not kyogo getting injured, we as a club have a catalogue of players getting hamstrings and this goes back to rodgers days. is there another club in the top leagues of european football who succumb to these as much as we do. if there is, name it!

    there has to be something we are doing or not doing in the training or recovery methods for us to get as many of these!


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