It seems a long time ago that Dorus de Vries came in and dethroned Craig Gordon for a handful of games last season.

It’s safe to say the goalkeeper didn’t endear himself to the fans with a string of sub-standard performances culminating in conceding a 35-yard goal to Kilmarnock that would see the goalkeeper substituted at half time.

Since then, Craig Gordon has had the number one jersey and he hasn’t let go. While Rodgers wants a goalkeeper who can help build from the back, Gordon’s shot-stopping ability brought him back into the side.

Celtic now have no choice but to bring Dorus de Vries back into the fold and had this happened last season I think a lot of Celtic fans would have panicked. Now, I think most fans are ready to see Dorus between the sticks and give him a fair crack at the whip.

In the random appearances the Dutchman has made in the past six months, he’s always looked good. His second half against Hibs done his reputation no harm either, saving a string of shots and distributing the ball well to his teammates.

Craig is now out for three months and with Rodgers only looking for a backup to Dorus it would appear there is a clear chance for the 37-year-old to become the first team choice for the rest of this season.

Craig and Dorus’ age though means that both players are not the longterm solution for Celtic and that position will need to be addressed within the next year.