Federico Roccio spends his time travelling around the world visiting stadiums but even though he has been to over 500 football games in different venues the Italian has admitted none compare to a Celtic Park.

Speaking about the experience and his journey through the footballing world Federico was asked the question – who do you believe has the best stadium and fans.

The answer will ring true to anyone who has experienced Celtic Park – win, lose or draw on a European Night.

“Without a doubt, especially for the atmosphere, I can’t not say Celtic Park in Galsgow. I remember at the end of a Celtic vs AC Milan game, with the Rossoneri victorious, the home fans came to the away section throwing their scarves. A beautiful gesture in today’s football.”

“I’ve been to 25 countries including Germany , France , Spain and England. The stadium that excited me most of all was Celtic Park. I cried. Despite a heavy 3-0 loss, the fans just kept singing and they invited us to drink well with them. It was fantastic.”

Celtic Park has long been known for its electric European nights and was cited as one of the reasons for years had a formidable home record as well as helping to famously beat Barcelona at the peak of their powers.

No Celtic fan takes that for granted and it’s great to see other fans appreciating the emotion and energy the Celtic fans give to their side on nights like that.


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