DEDRYCK BOYATA was sent off for dissent last night after a sustained verbal attack on the referee John Beaton who refused to give Boyata a foul second previously.

The defender was astonished when the referee allowed play to go on when he was brought down near the halfway line.

Once Boyata got back to his feet he ran towards Beaton, shouting at him, he then walked away only to come back and deliver more verbal to the whistler.

Beaton can be seen saying to Scott Brown, shut him up or he’s off just seconds before the player is given his marching orders.

A lot of Celtic fans were confused about seeing a player given a straight red for dissent is unusual.

Considering the SFA believe that taking a swipe at a fellow professional is only a yellow card – it’s hard to justify the red card stance by Beaton.

On the other hand, was this the right thing to do by Beaton? Has he set a precedent or opened a can of worms.

If a red card for sustained dissent is not consistently applied then again the governing body will look like a joke.

These Celtic fans have been having their say on the issue and the support seem split on Celtic’s £7million rated man.


  1. The Laws Of The Game (Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct) Dissent consists of language used (both verbal and nonverbal, Law 12 provides directly for a player to be sent off if the player is guilty of “using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures. If offensive language is used, Then the referee may send the player off based upon the context is used. Common Sense Approach Referees must utilize common sense when deciding to caution a player for dissent, (Common Sense 🤔) But then again Boyata should have known better as a professional and world cup football player, He Is also not only the best centre back we have, But he is the only centre back we have got at this moment in time, PS If Big Jock (The Boss) Stein was around today Big Boyata would have had his backside kicked right out the door and all the way down to the cross !!!


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