After an opening day victory over Aberdeen, Celtic’s will get back on the road this weekend with a visit to Ross County with the match not being televised on any channel. 

Ross County has sent out a warning last week to Hoops fans telling them not to purchase tickets for the home end or else they would simply cancel them.

For many Celtic fans who are desperate to see their team back in action it is once of few options available to them as they try and catch a glimpse of the action.

There has been a total crackdown from the police on people accessing live sports without paying for the pleasure with SPFL chief Neil Doncaster describing those who don’t pay as licence fee as ‘freeloaders’ [Daily Record]. 

Much more of the bad publicity however should be directed towards the SPFL and Sky Sports for the poor deal which is currently in place.

During the past two previous seasons, clubs across Scotland have been able to stream games to their supporters with exceptions given due to Covid.

As life starts to return to some sort of normal this is no longer the case, meaning that clubs are prevented from broadcasting games for their own financial benefit to fans on PPV.

It was confirmed last week that Celtic received a total of 1,399 tickets for the trip to the Scottish Highlands which literally leaves many people in the dark.

This isn’t simply a ‘Celtic’ issue with plenty of other fans across the country getting shafted due to the poor TV deal which exists.


  1. I don’t think there’s a single football fan in Scotland who wouldn’t like to tell Sky to poke their derisory deal and disgusting attitude to Scottish football. The problem is that there’s not many companies coming to the fore and saying they’ll pay good money and show all the games. Doncaster and the SPFL board are arguably the worse people in charge of our game and should be removed at the soonest possibility.


  2. I’ll be sitting down and tuning into Celtic TV on my IPTV stream. If Celtic don’t want to broadcast it to as wide an audience as possible you can always find someone who will.


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