CELTIC FANS have hit out at the Evening Times for a ridiculous headline with Celtic’s name attached to it.

Paddy Crerand, 78, was arrested for the very serious offence drink driving in MANCHESTER. He used to play for Celtic 55 years ago, but is mainly known for his exploits at Manchester United as a player and coach with the Old Trafford during his time down south.

The paper felt compelled to attach Celtic’s name to the article, branding Paddy a ‘Former Celtic Player’ in the headline. Top quality stuff from the ET.



  1. just typical of these media troublemakers, yes paddy played for celtic many a moon ago , so are we responsable for all our x players actions ,why this which hunt on our great team , think we know the answer , but we will not be dragged down by these papers , my advise boycotte them all full of tripe ,

  2. Before autotrader the only thing the evening times was good for was selling your car or motorbike.

    Since the late 1970’s I’ve been buying real toilet paper or wet wipes.

  3. You just know that if this was somebody who’d played 2 games for Burntisland Shipyard then spent their rest of the career at Ibrox the headline would read “Former Burntisland Ace Arrested”.


  4. We will never get a fair press in Scotland we are not the Herrenvolk we are outsiders discriminated against since the 1st boat of Irish catholic immigrants landed in Scotland


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