CELTIC FANS have come out in defence of the Green Brigades banner about Brendan Rodgers at Tynecastle on Wednesday after getting criticism from some quarters but none more so than the post below which calls the fans ingrates and entitled.

It’s safe to say the Celtic support were unified in their condemnation of Brendan Rodgers for walking out on his ‘Bhoyhood heroes’ without a second thought this week.

Not just a general managerial loss, but a man who claimed to bleed green and white turned his back on a fan base who just didn’t see it coming. Emotions were high but one thing was clear and the sentiments were echoed on social media throughout the day; no ‘Celtic man’ would have done this.

The Green Brigades banner got it spot on:’You traded immortality for mediocrity, Never a Celt, always a fraud’.

Check out the message below after the game.

Celtic fans rounded in on Kevin Williamson who clearly didn’t get it.

Rodgers accomplishments have been excellent and he’s a top manager but a Celtic man, he is not. Leaving the club at this stage of the season takes him out of the legends category and puts his place in Celtic history much further down the totem pole than it would have been had he stayed an extra three months.


  1. Peepul who just dont get it,Arent Celtic minded or even Celtic thru n thru.Celtic is more than a Club.Its a way of life.Its a Bhoys Thing.Its engrained in Our DNA.Its Our Thing.Its a Cause Like no other.One Love One Club One History.HfH HWG10IAR


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