CELTIC FANS appear to be split down the middle when it comes to who should be number one this season.

Barkas has had an average start and due to an injury dropped out of the side and he’s yet to regain his place.

Scott Bain saved a penalty in Lille but other than that, he’s not filled me with confidence that he’s the man for the job. Barkas needs to show he’s stronger and look to get some fans back onside if he’s to claim that number one spot and leave nobody in doubt.

When we put a poll to our social media followers, we got a surprising result.

On Instagram, the poll was heavy on Scott Bain as number one choice. However, when we jumped over to Twitter, Barkas was the overwhelming decision.

Putting the two-vote counts together, it skews in Bain’s favour with over 5k votes taken between the two platforms.

Barkas is currently watching Donald Trump’s next move to see if he can somehow become number one even if he’s lost the popular vote!


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