CELTIC have come top of the ‘league table of shame’ a name coined by The Scottish Sun of all papers.

The table pertains to the number of incidents reported at football games which have had the use of pyro. Yes, a paper which is so entrenched in its own shame has the nerve to call this the ‘shame table’.

According to the report, Celtic fans lead the way when it comes to the use of pyro at games – Celtic with 24 reports to second in the table Rangers with 11.

Pyro may be against health and safety but to brand Celtic fans top of the league table of shame is so transparent and wrong you have to laugh at it. All clubs have been told to clamp down on the use of pyro at games but fans keep bringing them. While it’s an issue, it’s hardly shameful.

Most Celtic fans laughed off the ridiculous headline.


  1. Want to talk actual shame tables of 2018/19? Here are a few…

    So, Celtic ran up the least fouls, least yellows and 1 red shy of being joint least reds. Shame. Really?

    This and 1 EBT used without breaking the rules on EBTs, not going to the wall, falsely equivocating being floated on the stock markets to liquidation, slanderous anti catholic monolith bigotry, trying to stitch up 3 times physically assaulted Brown on some BS charge to calm the orc hordes and this all they have against us.

    It’s sad how desperately the rest want us to fail. Pathetic really.

    • Spot on Mark. The real shame in Scottish football are the bike ridden mob at iPox. Whilst the sun carries theses headlines, jabba’s Work is done. Him and the corrupt mob running sevco will soon hit the buffers. The sun, used most commonly to wipe my erse with.

  2. I would have thought that if you were to compile a ‘league of shame’ involving fans, ‘pitch incursions’ would have been a better criterion to base it on.

    I wonder who would have won that. Not!

  3. I haven’t counted how many times, but it seemed like every time SevcoRangers scored a late goal their rancid fans couldn’t wait to invade the pitch.


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