If having to deal with life in Broony’s back pocket wasn’t bad enough, Joey Barton is now at his wit’s end after declaring Celtic fans are ‘obsessed’ with him.

The disgraced footballer and Sevco failure who was banned for gambling on football has taken to Twitter to moan about Celtic fans annoying him after a string of disgusting tweets from the mouthy midfielder.

We would like to go on the record and let Joey know that the Celtic fans still laughing at him from last year’s 5-1 mauling are the only thing keeping him relevant.

Remember that time when he came to Scotland and declared he would boss Scott Brown? He didn’t even win the handshake. Keep on trucking Joey.


  1. Is he that Real RainJurz player that Broony has lost in his back pocket.Its the Nonsnse that he insists when he joined the Newest Club in the Scottish Premier that Celtic Fans Rip Him For,Typical Hun Trait.Obsession.Shouldnt Be gamblers Anonymous Miss Barton Frequents,But Clowns Anonymous.Send On The Sevcolona.The Guys an Utter Disgrace.Surprised He Evens Shows Face After Being Sent Packing…….5-1 Guissepe Farton 5-1.Glasgow is Forever,GREEN n WHITE.My moneys on him making more ridiculous Ramblings….

  2. Bhoy does that man really think he’s something he’s an absolute nobody I think the obsession is clear Joey ur a dud pure utter dud now beat it your clubs deed mate am no telling ye again

  3. This Idiot though he would’just rock up in a Sevco Jersey and show Broony how to play.He made all the usual Hun Bites,Then he couldnt look Broony in the mince pies when hand shaking.Barton If Your Classed as a Hardman Down South.Engerlund is a Pussy Parlour.This muppet isnt even relevant,Just like these clowns from Govania.A Football Club gets Liquidated and Dies.Rangers get Liquidated and Think they can just carry on regardless.The Old Firm is No More.Partick Thistle is Our Biggest Rivals.Since 2012.Sevco and there Super Lager Stars are a Disgrace to Our Game.Once Cheats,Always Cheats

  4. Isnt the English Premier Spose to be the Biggest n Best in World Football.Barton does great in the Engerleish Championship then moves to Newco Sevco and totally struggles to achieve as much as a (#%!!?)Claims he is a Far Superior Footballer to One Scott Brown.Plays for Sevco v Celtic and literally runs off back to Engerlundt after Sevco are Gang Raped by the Green n White Juggernaut.The Guy is a


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