After Henrik Larsson was announced for Scott Brown’s testimonial there has been a clamour to get one man back to Paradise to play alongside him.

Georgios Samaras.

The Greek star played a prominent role in a lot of Scott Brown’s time at Celtic Park and fans would love to see him line up against Henrik Larsson against the Republic of Ireland.

Many fans pointed out that Sammy left through the back door and didn’t really get a proper farewell. To get the player in for this game would certainly be a crowed pleaser.


  1. I realise football is a short career, they are well paid, at most football clubs you are forgotten once you hang up the boots. I remember Sammy advising one player he prefers to look at his medals and memories than go elsewhere for more bucks. Sammy gets us. He knows the history and the guy deserved to go out the front door. He sometimes infuriated me but that was because I wanted him to hit the back of the net on every occasion. Welcome back Sammy , he is interwoven into our long history. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  2. Bring Sammy back. He is a Celt through and through. The Club needs to show it real appreciation of what he gave to Celtic


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