BRENDAN RODGERS has defended the man who replaced him as Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp after the German got carried away with his side’s Merseyside Derby winner.

The Irishman is known for being cool calm and collected but even he admitted there have been times when even he has let his emotions get the better of him.

Speaking to TalkSport, the Celtic manager recalled the running down the Ibrox touchline after seeing his side score against their Glasgow rivals and as much as you try to keep yourself in check the emotion of the game can be powerful.

“I think like anyone you have your moments.

“I’m very focused on the game and sometimes in those moments when you score because you are very vulnerable straight after. So you are always trying to concentrate.

“I know when we have scored at Ibrox I have run up the touchline. There’s just something takes over you emotionally.

“You can predict that you won’t do it but it’s just something that comes across you that means so much.

“Like you saw with Jurgen at the weekend. I have been involved in that Liverpool-Everton match and it’s a huge emotional game especially at Anfield.

“So for them to get the late goal like they did, it’s a rush of emotion.”

The Celtic boss heads back to Ibrox this month and he has a 100% record in Govan.

Celtic won 3-2 in their last encounter at the stadium, winning with only ten men.

Anybody who doesn’t understand sometimes managers and players can get carried away doesn’t understand the emotional side of the game.

They will be under severe pressure before the game and when you score a goal all that nervous energy has to go somewhere at times. Let’s hope he’s running down trackside at the end of the month again.