“My nan could win that league.” – words that every Celtic fan sees on many positive Celtic related posts that make their way onto social media.

If it isn’t that, then the repetitive jibes of “pub league” or on a par with English league one.

Brendan Rodgers and Celtic have started the season (well it’s way past the start) in fantastic form, breaking records along the way, but are they getting the praise they deserve? Especially south of the border?

The Irishman is the first Celtic manager to beat an Ibrox club three times consecutively in his first season, at the first time of asking. Now this weekend, the bhoys could break the Lisbon Lions’ record for best start to a domestic season with a draw or win against Hearts (27 games). A treble also looking very possible, with Celtic yet to taste defeat on the domestic stage.

Yes, the Parkhead club has the highest budget in the league, but they’ve had the highest budget for at least five years. Have we won the treble in those five years? No. Have we gone 26 games unbeaten in those five years? No. So doesn’t Brendan Rodgers and his squad deserve some respect for the things they have accomplished so far?

The most impressive thing that Rodgers has done in my eyes, is transforming the careers of the likes of Stuart Armstrong, Scott Brown and James Forrest. Brown, in particular, has stepped up another level this season, after many fans were questioning if he still had what it takes at the start of the season. Stuart Armstrong has gone from a bit part player, wedged wherever Deila could fit him in, to being the midfield engine, creating and scoring goals. Forrest still struggles with consistency, but there’s no doubt that his tremendous performances at the start of the season were down to Brendan Rodgers’ man management skills.

From an outsiders point of view, Celtic are just doing what the should be doing. Winning every game, with a bigger budget and with better players. I actually see their point in a way. On paper, Celtic should win every game, but the game isn’t played on paper. There’s nothing the other 11 teams in the league want more than a win against Celtic. Every game against Celtic is a cup final, and a win is a badge of honour. It’s surreal hearing The Rangers fans phoning up radio stations praising Rodgers and Celtic, It’s unheard of. But down south, our Club and our football is still belittled by clueless pundits who couldn’t name 11 Celtic players if they tried. Being 22 points ahead of our closest rivals by the half way stage of the season, and there isn’t a glimmer of begrudging admiration for Celtic’s achievements.

I may come off sounding bitter, but I’m far from it. As far as I’m concerned they can ignore or belittle the work that Brendan Rodgers has done with Celtic, it means the manager will stay longer, and continue creating history.

Personally, I believe it’s a bit narrow minded, and disrespectful to other teams in the league to think that because Celtic are Celtic, they should steamroll every team that’s in front of them. What hope have you got when you have our own press up here telling us we’re in a “slump” and “stumbling” towards records when we’ve gone so long undefeated.

If Brendan Rodgers eventually gets the credit he deserves from those down south and gets another top four job, then you’d better tell your nan to keep her diary clear because she might have to put her money where her mouth is.





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