It won’t be on the top of anyone’s agenda considering how the last few weeks have went but the disappearance of the Celtic fans Tommy Burns banner inside the stadium was a bit of a mystery to me after it was put up, photographed but then never seen again.

Someone can correct me if it made an SPFL game but after Celtic put the banner up at the famous standing section it was soon taken down.

This was because UEFA wanted it taken down for the Europa League tie and subsequently, after it was taken down, it was damaged!

Celtic SLO, John Paul Taylor, confirmed the banner had been damaged and that’s why it hasn’t been up since then.

It was a fantastic banner set up by the Green Brigade, quoting the late great Tommy Burns.

Something which was meant for the players as they stepped out into an empty Celtic stadium.

It’s nearly been a year since we had fans inside Celtic Park. The support have been watching from afar and this season has been horrible to say the least.

We can only hope for a much better season next term.


  1. It seems like there’s nothing comes out of CP that’s straight forward these days, theres always some BS story behind everything and it always seems like it’s the support that’s taking the not or the last to be considered, unless they’re punting a bit of chocolate of course.
    At the nunnery there was a sea of butchers aprons and assorted flegs on display in the stands. They made sure the orcs were completely facilitated in displaying their usual distasteful tat, we are renowned for our banners and flags, whether humorous, football or politic related, the artwork alone is generally top notch, is there no place for our CSCs to display banners (all passing suitable scrutiny of course), or have I been missing something?


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