Celtic still have a manager, but as the months go by and the league looking far beyond our reach, it’s likely a change will be made.

The conversation among pundits and ex-players have drifted from will Neil Lennon be the Celtic manager next season to who will replace him when the time comes.

Former Celtic youth academy striker Mark Burchill believes the club should go for Eddie Howe and he thinks the former Bournemouth would jump at the chance.

“The thing about being manager of Celtic is, instantly, you are going to be playing in front of 60,000 fans.” Burchill explained to The Celtic Huddle Podcast.
“Not every Premier League club has 60,000 fans and the worldwide support that Celtic have got.
“Having the opportunity to go and win trophies? I think that’s something that your normal Premier League manager can go ten or 12 years without winning any trophies.
“So I think that could be something that would entice him north of the border.
“Also, I think the chance to play European football is something that would be a carrot for anyone down south who would look at it and say, ‘I never got the opportunity to work or play in Europe and win cups and leagues’.
“I think the Celtic job speaks for itself. If anyone gets offered it, you have to think about it seriously.”

Celtic will have to decide which direction they want to go in the summer. There’s always fans who want to see ‘Celtic men’ in the role. They would rather the club forgoes CVs and prefer the man in charge knows the Celtic Symphony.

It’s just not the way to go. The best man for the job must get the job in the end. It’s time to stop being so archaic when it comes to who takes the team.


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