CELTIC have tonight received the word from UEFA that the club have been handed another €12k fine for supporters using pyro before the game against Cluj.

Celtic won 2-0 on the night in a red hot atmosphere in Glasgow where the banner and pyro really set the tone on the evening.

The banner itself and message was outstanding with many fans applauding the GB for their efforts.

Unfortunately, UEFAs strict and uncompromising no pyro policy inside stadiums means the club yet again pay a price.

There has been no chats between supporters and the club about the use of potential safe pyro not is UEFA entertaining the notion.

The use of pyro in stadiums can add


  1. Yep, the Green brigade better get there finances in order to pay for yet another fine they incure on the club the supposedly love. I’ll believe it when I see it though, time celtic FC puts some of the idiots in there place.


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