As the media and fans get hyped for tonight’s England vs Scotland game and all the other internationals taking place over the next 72 hours I feel like I’m one of the few who couldn’t be more indifferent about it.

My apathy for international football may be understandable when you find out I’m Scottish but it goes a bit deeper than my national team being a running joke. For me, it’s a simple case of Celtic first, everything else last in a footballing sense.

While there are many Scots down in London having a great time and looking forward to the game, I’m up here just hoping no Celtic players get injured in any of the games. Scott Brown being my biggest concern, hoping the player hasn’t stretched himself too thin and risks his form.

Of course, supporting my national team has been hard in many ways over the years, on the odd trip to Hampden in my time I’ve listened to fans beside me chant “Fenian B**tard” at Celtic players wearing the blue, something that also left a bad taste.

As a simple football spectacle, tonight’s game should hold my interest. Although, having seen both teams play recently, I doubt we’re in for a classic.

I do hope Scotland win tonight but whether they do or not it won’t affect my night in the slightest.

Fair play to all the lads who live and die by Scotland but for me I’d rather see Celtic take on Alloa tonight than watch Scotland vs England, a mind boggling statement perhaps but as the title of this article states – Celtic first.




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